Giselle: Live in Your Living Room

22 May—24 May Multiple Showings

Enjoy the greatest of all Romantic ballets, Giselle, Live in Your Living Room this weekend.

Toa Fraser’s film of Giselle follows the RNZB’s acclaimed 2012 production, a roller coaster romance. This is a tale of betrayal, the supernatural and a love that transcends death.

In a remote village, the beautiful and innocent Giselle falls madly in love with a duke in disguise. When he is revealed as Count Albrecht, Giselle, broken hearted, descends into madness and death. In a forest, the Wilis (ethereal ghosts of jilted women) meet to greet their recently arrived sister: Giselle, who rises from her grave to join their ranks. When Albrecht arrives to mourn, she must forgive her lover and save him from death.

The quintessential romantic ballet, Giselle is a perfect fusion of every element that makes ballet so special: touching, human characters, a romantic story, beautiful choreography – from pure classical ballet to folk dances – and a wonderful setting. The film features American Ballet Theatre star Gillian Murphy as Giselle. Inspired by concert film The Last Waltz, a Leon Narbey-led camera team filmed the performance, with scenes of the lead dancers in Shanghai and New York counterpointing the onstage action.


To watch the performances, click here. This will take you to their Facebook event page with the show information and the scheduled times (these will be shown in New Zealand Standard Time).

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Show times
5:30pm, Friday 22 May 2020 11:30am, Saturday 23 May 2020 8:30am, Sunday 24 May 2020
Your Place Enjoy in the comfort of your own home! ,
Run time
2 hours 30 minutes