Lise Rodgers is Jane Austen

14 Aug—14 Aug Multiple Showings


A Most Patient Persuasion
1pm at The Wedge
Q&A after the show. Book via The Wedge

Meet the Artist
$12 tickets
2:30pm – 3pm at The Wedge
Includes afternoon tea
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Getting Dressed with Jane
7pm at The Wedge
Q&A after the show. Book via The Wedge

Costume Exhibition
‘Be Persuaded – Jane Austen’
August 2 – August 18
Port of Sale, Level 2



A Most Patient Persuasion

The latest addition to the Jane Austen by Lise Rodgers repertoire  

The year 1817 saw both the passing of Jane Austen herself and the posthumous publication of her novel “Persuasion”. Now some 200 years on, this moving new production shares some of Jane’s last words, whilst introducing the enduring love story of Anne Elliot and Frederick Wentworth.

Jane Austen must be one of the most popular and adored authors of the 19th century. She was also a prolific letter writer, offering a contemporary reader, wonderful insights into both her own day to day existence and the world around her.

In 1817, she wrote to her niece Fanny – “I have a something ready for publication… will not like it, so you need not be impatient. You may perhaps like the heroine, as she is almost too good for me….”

She was speaking of “Persuasion”, the last novel she was able to complete and published six months after her death that same year.

 Written with a mature eye for detail and a deep understanding of human nature we are introduced to both Captain Wentworth and Jane’s final heroine, Anne Elliot. This latest production from the Jane Austen by Lise Rodgers repertoire, reveals the author in the last year of her life. Maintaining a steady correspondence with her beloved family as always, whilst writing one of the most moving, personal portrayals of love and attachment.

Superbly costumed and staged, this is simply, a “must see”, for all Jane Austen fans.


Getting Dressed with Jane

“I cannot determine what to do about my new gown. I wish such things were to be bought ready-made. I want to have something suggested which will give me no trouble of thought or direction. I am so tired of my present stock, that I even blush at the sight of the wardrobe that contains them!” Jane Austen 1800

Have you ever wondered what Elizabeth Bennet wore under her dress? Or how Emma fastened her gown? Who made their clothes and what fabrics did they use? What is a high-stomacher? What is a bosom friend?

Delve into the world of Georgian clothing and share Jane Austen’s love of fashion by spending an hour or so – “Getting Dressed with Jane”, from the underwear to the outerwear and beyond!


Lise Rodgers Bio

Lise Rodgers  is an accomplished Melbourne actress whose career has spanned stage, screen and radio. A graduate of the National Theatre drama school in St.Kilda and an award winning narrator of audio books, Lise has appeared for the Melbourne Theatre Company and at Playbox, had guest roles in such diverse TV dramas as “Prisoner”, “Man from Snowy River”, Neighbours” and most recently reprising the character “Ms Welham” for Chris Lilley in “Ja’mie Private School Girl” on the ABC. An interest in the world and  characters of Jane Austen and the language of the novels, is the inspiration behind her repertoire of “Jane Austen by Lise Rodgers” performances.

Jane Austen must be one of the most popular and adored authors of the 19th century. She was also a prolific letter writer, offering a contemporary reader wonderful insights into both her day to day life and the world in which she lived. When Jane started writing “Pride & Prejudice”, she was much the same age as its heroine Elizabeth Bennet and how much of Jane there is in her portrayal of Elizabeth – we can only speculate. But her letters from that time to her sister Cassandra are full of the excitement and expectation of youth. Of balls and assemblies, of dancing and suppers, fashion and flirtations, of handsome young men. She was writing about a world she knew and of which she was a keen observer.

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