2022 Season: Classical Romantic — Gippsland Symphony Orchestra

10 Apr 2:00pm

The Gippsland Symphony Orchestra will present music from three of the most respected and loved composers of all time.

W.A. Mozart is a titan among composers, considered a Master of Composition he was the most prolific and inspired musicians of his time. He wrote over 600 works in his relative short life. His overture to The Magic Flute, Die Zauberflote is a master work of the classic period. The work begins with a statement of chords that musicologist suggest is a nod to the Freemasons movement. The plot of The Magic Flute is said to have hidden references to Masonry, this may be the case, but the Overture is one of the most thrilling and exciting to play and listen too.

Edvard Grieg was a Norwegian composer who took the folklore of his native Norway and presented it to the world. His Peer Gynt Suite No 1 is in 4 movements, Morning Mood, Ases Death, Anitra’s Dance and the easily recognizable Hall of the Mountain King. Peer Gynt tells the story of Peer who tells people stories that aren’t true and as a result he gets himself into some considerable trouble with a range of trolls, gnomes, and goblins. He insults the trolls and their king, which leads him on an adventure to escape the grasp of the Mountain King. The trolls and other creatures stalk Peer softly. As the chase gets faster and more intense, the music does the same.

Schubert is one musical wonderment. His symphonic compositions began as young as 15 and his Sixth Symphony was composed in his 20th year. All his symphonies went unheard during his lifetime and the first performance of the sixth was a decade after he died. His compositional style is heavily influenced by the titans Haydn, Mozart, and Beethoven. The opening of the sixth is very reminiscent of Beethoven as is the third movement Scherzo, which Beethoven may well have composed himself. The first movement is a perfect example of the Romantic era composers use of Classical form but adding their individual fingerprint. Schubert died at the age of 31 and left behind a catalogue of songs (lieder), string quartets, and more importantly six stunningly beautiful symphonies.

It’s a great thrill for the GSO to present this brilliantly conceived and composed symphony for you.

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Show times
2:00pm, Sunday 10 April 2022
John Leslie Theatre 100 Foster Street Sale, 3850
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2 hours, including interval