What’s On!


RESPECT - The Aretha Franklin Story
1 Mar 7:00pm
The Robertson Brothers
3 Mar 3:00pm
Past Lives - Sale Film Society
6 Mar 7:30pm
The Smeds and The Smoos
7 Mar—8 Mar Multiple Showings
Sesame Street - Elmo's Circus Dream
9 Mar—9 Mar Multiple Showings
The Lloyd Webber Evolution
12 Mar 2:00pm
Elvis & Buddy Rock And Roll Sensation
15 Mar 7:30pm
Leaving Jackson The Johnny Cash and June Carter Show
23 Mar 7:30pm


November - Sale Film Society
3 Apr 7:30pm
Bloom sings Adele & Amy Winehouse Songbook
5 Apr 8:00pm
The POP Squad
9 Apr—9 Apr Multiple Showings
The Fleetwood Pac - A Tribute to Fleetwood Mac
13 Apr 7:30pm
We Remember
24 Apr 8:00pm
The Beatles 50 years on: Beatlemania!
27 Apr 7:30pm


TONY as Robbie
1 May 8:00pm
 Armageddon Time - Sale Film Society
8 May 7:30pm
An Evening with Vika & Linda
9 May 8:00pm
Ella Hooper in Concert
17 May 8:00pm
London Calling
25 May 8:00pm
The World of Musicals in Concert
26 May 6:00pm
Garage Girls
31 May 8:00pm


 Breaker Morant - Sale Film Society
5 Jun 7:30pm
Creedence Clearwater Collective
20 Jun 7:30pm
BABBA (30 Years Anniversary Show)
22 Jun 8:00pm
Eric Bogle
23 Jun 7:00pm
Frankie J Holden and Michelle Pettigrove
26 Jun 2:00pm
27 Jun 8:00pm


On the Waterfront – Sale Film Society
4 Jul 7:30pm
Eskimo Joe
5 Jul 8:00pm
The Eagles Story - Take it to the Limit
6 Jul 8:00pm
Celtic Illusion
11 Jul 7:30pm
Elvis The Legendary Performer
12 Jul 7:30pm
Gippsland Symphony Orchestra at The Movies
13 Jul 2:00pm
Nat Bartsch HOPE
18 Jul 8:00pm
The Visitors
23 Jul—24 Jul Multiple Showings
La Bohème
27 Jul 7:30pm
Brides - Sale Film Society
31 Jul 7:30pm


22 Aug—22 Aug Multiple Showings
Maffra Municipal Band - Winter Melodies
25 Aug 2:00pm
Burn The Floor
28 Aug 7:30pm
The Best of Everything: 30 Years of Chocolate Starfish
30 Aug 7:30pm
Affinity Quartet
31 Aug 8:00pm


The New Boy - Sale Film Society
4 Sep 7:30pm
Dave O'Neil - Overweight Lightweight
5 Sep 8:00pm
The Librarian
10 Sep—11 Sep Multiple Showings
Fleetwood Max
13 Sep 8:00pm
The Wind in the Willows
26 Sep—26 Sep Multiple Showings


The Births and Deaths of Stars
3 Oct 8:00pm
My Old School - Sale Film Society
9 Oct 7:30pm
Tash York
19 Oct 8:00pm
26 Oct 8:00pm
Symphonic Masters with the GSO
27 Oct 2:00pm


Frankie J Holden & the Classics
15 Nov 8:00pm


Mrs. Henderson Presents - Sale Film Society
4 Dec 7:30pm