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What’s On!


Hunger - Film
2 Jun 7:30pm
Lior - Between You and Me
3 Jun 8:00pm
The Hunter. The Hunted.
13 Jun 8:00pm
Sounds of Rogers & Hammerstein
15 Jun 11:00am
International Ballet Gala
18 Jun 8:00pm
The 91 Storey Treehouse
20 Jun—20 Jun Multiple Showings
Mother & Son
27 Jun—27 Jun Multiple Showings


Chinatown - Film
1 Jul 7:30pm
Melbourne International Comedy Festival
3 Jul 8:00pm
David Scheel - Don’t Shoot Me, I’m Still Only the Piano Player
14 Jul 11:00am
Animal Farm
21 Jul—21 Jul Multiple Showings
With love, Marilyn
24 Jul 8:00pm
Vivaldi's Four Seasons
25 Jul 8:00pm


Strictly Ballroom The Musical
6 Aug—15 Aug Multiple Showings
Gippsland Symphony Orchestra Double Violin Concerto
16 Aug 2:00pm
Capernum - Film
18 Aug 7:30pm
Bluey's Big Play
19 Aug—19 Aug Multiple Showings
Bach by Candlelight
19 Aug 8:00pm
Blondie's Rapture
22 Aug 8:00pm
The Australian Bee Gees Show
28 Aug 8:00pm
A Taste of Tamworth
29 Aug 8:00pm


Parasite - Film
2 Sep 7:30pm
Club Soda
4 Sep 8:00pm
10 Sep 7:30pm
Live and Let Die
17 Sep 8:00pm
Magic Beach
22 Sep—22 Sep Multiple Showings


Sorry we missed you - Film
6 Oct 7:30pm
Marty Fields The Great Aussie Joker
8 Oct 8:00pm
Sale City Band Silver Screen Classics
11 Oct 2:00pm
Loose Ends
20 Oct—20 Oct Multiple Showings
22 Oct 8:00pm
Echoes of Pink Floyd
24 Oct 8:00pm
Bjorn Again
25 Oct 8:00pm
Jude Perl I Have A Face
30 Oct 8:00pm


Mamma Mia
6 Nov—14 Nov Multiple Showings
Gippsland Symphony Orchestra Mozart Clarinet Concerto
15 Nov 2:00pm
The Grand Budapest Hotel - Film
17 Nov 7:30pm
Absolutely 80's Made in Australia
21 Nov 8:00pm


The Nutcracker
12 Dec 7:30pm
Strictly Christmas
13 Dec 2:00pm


The Robertson Brothers 60's Variety TV Show
14 Feb 3:00pm


Rewind 80's Party
6 Mar 7:30pm