What’s On!


The Robertson Brothers
26 Apr 8:00pm


The Death of Stalin
1 May 7:30pm
Neil Diamond Super Hits Show
3 May 8:00pm
Circus Oz Precarious
17 May 7:30pm
Much Ado About Beatrice & Benedick
18 May 8:00pm
Canned Heat
21 May 8:00pm
Foster & Allen
23 May 7:00pm
Celtic Reflections - Through the Ages
25 May 8:00pm
Michael Waugh - Dairy Farmer's Son
26 May 2:00pm
True Confessions Revisited
31 May 8:00pm


Alice in Wonderland - Melbourne City Ballet
2 Jun 2:00pm
4 Jun 7:30pm
Across the Universe - The Complete Beatles
8 Jun 8:00pm
Toni Childs Retrospective
12 Jun 7:30pm
Puttin' on the Ritz
13 Jun 7:30pm
Hallowed Ground
14 Jun—14 Jun Multiple Showings
Daniel Thompson as Johnny Cash Live
21 Jun 8:00pm
Grigoryan Brothers
22 Jun 8:00pm
Latrobe Chorale - Tutti
30 Jun 2:00pm


My Cousin Rachel
3 Jul 7:30pm
Melbourne International Comedy Festival
5 Jul 8:00pm
Jesus Christ Superstar
19 Jul—27 Jul Multiple Showings


My Brilliant Divorce
1 Aug 8:00pm
American Superstars
2 Aug—3 Aug Multiple Showings
A Taste of Tamworth
16 Aug 8:00pm
Music and More
18 Aug 2:00pm
A Room of One's Own
23 Aug 8:00pm
L'Amour - The 4 Divas
24 Aug 8:00pm
Sun Rising, The Songs That Made Memphis
30 Aug 8:00pm


Glory Days – The Boss Experience
5 Sep 8:00pm
14 Sep 8:00pm
Alice in Wonderland
17 Sep—18 Sep Multiple Showings
The Sapphires
20 Sep 8:00pm
Class of 59 - The Rock and Roll Circus Tour
21 Sep 8:00pm


Lady Beatle
10 Oct 8:00pm
Sale City Band - Legends of Song
13 Oct 2:00pm
Rock'n Through The Ages
20 Oct 7:30pm


5 to 9 - Gippsland Symphony Orchestra
17 Nov 2:00pm
LEE KERNAGHAN - Backroad Nation Tour - Sale Memorial Hall
17 Nov 7:30pm
David Strassman - The Chocolate Diet
23 Nov 7:00pm
Mozart the King
30 Nov 8:00pm


Christmas Follies
8 Dec 2:00pm


Adam Thompson - Bohemian Rhapsody Live
29 Feb 8:00pm