21 Mar 8:00pm

The Macbeths are back with their unparalleled thirst for the ultimate power of the throne.

“Their passion foreach other is absolute in every way, as much metaphysical as erotic. The lust for power fuses with mutual desire and enhances the turbulence”

A stunning mix of minds games and manipulation, sparked by the prophesies of three witches that Macbeth encounters on the heath as he returns from war, triggers his burning ambition which in turn ignites an inferno in his wife to inspire him to kill for the crown.

Invading armies, blood, dark magic, sabotage, power, storms and ghosts of our pasts. Take all the spirits of those who have strived for power and relentlessly fought for control, this, is the story of Macbeth.

Macbeth is widely known to be a play about the politics of Scotland and a monarch under threat during a moment of evolution. The play as distant as it may be from our world today reflects, the ever- ever-changing dynamics of current political situations.

William Shakespeare’s shortest but most relentless tragedy illustrates a different way of life from what society is currently accustomed to, but reflects deeply on our modern world.

“Macbeth, accusing himself of poor malice or inadequate slaughter, rouses himself to an apocalyptic ambition to tear apart the universe itself, destroying this world and the world to come.”

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Show times
8:00pm, Sunday 21 March 2021
John Leslie Theatre 100 Foster Street Sale, 3850
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1 hour 50 minutes plus 20 minute interval
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Australian Shakespeare Company
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