Our Tales of 2020

20 Apr 5:00pm

Wow was that story true!

We want you to tell us your best TRUE story from 2020, in any creative way you want to. We are looking for Wellingtons best true stories of this year, we will be posting the best stories to our Facebook page and website and they will later be compiled for a virtual time capsule, so that future generations can understand this historic period.

Go get creative, costumes, props, sets, any digital effects, it can be written with an image, it can be audio only, animation, go wild! There is no age limit, so get the kids to join in, just make sure you stick to current social distancing rules and keep it within the household.

Here are the rules.

1. Stories must not exceed 5 minutes.
2. They must be true (we will accept some mild exaggeration for effect).
3. All stories are to be PG rated, we will accept mild coarse language and some mild sexual references however, these will be uploaded with a warning
4. All content will be reviewed for suitability and stories with strong coarse language, strong sexual references, racism, harassment and bullying themes, nudity, acts of violence or discrimination of any persons will not be accepted.
5. The Wedge will also monitor comments and will delete any that are inappropriate.
6. Please send all entries via email to [email protected]


Make sure you read the above rules and get your creative on! To enter, simply email your entry to us by clicking here.

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5:00pm, Monday 20 April 2020
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