QuaranTONY Awards

1 Jun 7:00pm

Our very own QuaranTONY Awards… starts NOW!

The QuaranTONY awards are an online awards night for everyone! Families in isolation can submit short videos that will be judged by an online audience in an interactive webinar style event.

Simply have a look through suggested topics below, follow the rules outlined below and get creative!

Submit your videos to be in with a chance to win. Make sure you read the format (outlined below) for how the awards night will look, as well as how the videos should be submit and what needs to be included before you submit! Videos need to be emailed to [email protected]


1. A musical presentation
2. Monologues or a short theatre piece
3. Dance/movement
4. Lip sync.
5. Animation
6. Dialogue sync with popular film
7. Puppets


1. Need to be submitted via email ([email protected]) by 5pm on Friday June 19.
2. Must be created by a “family” or individuals in lock-down.  Social distancing rules remain but innovative ways of including multiple locations within the recorded presentation would be accepted.
3. Presentation must be no longer than 5 minutes.
4. Presentation must have been done during isolation.  It is recommended they include something that proves they are in quarantine (toilet paper, tiger cub, reference to COVID – 19)
5. A judging panel determines suitability for broadcast (Not sexist, racist, homophobic, offensive) and curates the awards to include several performance styles. They will also present “Judges Awards” however the overall winner will be by audience poll.
6. The award night will be hosted, live and online. The award night will be held on Saturday June 27.
7. Participants need to send their video presentation preferably in either MOV, WMV, M4V, MKV, MP4, QT or any format that uploads to Facebook.
8. You need to also add a separate 10 second clip of your group waving or introducing yourself for promotional purposes.


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