The Beatles: 8 Days a Week The Touring Years – Sale Film Society

7 Dec 7:30pm

Well, hopefully we’ll get to enjoy The Beatles Eight Days a Week – The Touring Years – This Friday at Bundy Hall.

This screening starts at 7pm (earlier than normal screenings) and is a members only event once again to keep us on the right side of COVID restrictions.

The Bundy Hall Committee will be serving soup and rolls for us after the screening – approx. 8:30.

Feel free to BYO your favourite tipple to enjoy during the screening and if your bottom in a bit sensitive BYO cushion too!


The Beatles: 8 Days a Week The Touring Years – 2016 (US)

In the 1960s, the Beatles exploded on to the public scene, seemingly out of nowhere as the band’s formative years of constant performing at home and in Hamburg, and Brian Epstein’s grooming, finally paid off beyond their wildest dreams. Accompanying new interviews of the remaining Beatles, their associates and fans as well as archival interviews of the late ones, this film features footage of the heady concert years of 1963 to 66 when the band became a worldwide cultural phenomena topping them all. Furthermore, it also follows how the Fab Four began to change and grow while the excitement of Beatlemania began to sour their lives into an intolerable slog they needed to escape from to become more than what their fans wanted.

Rating: M (Coarse language)

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7:30pm, Tuesday 7 December 2021
The Bundy Hall 795 Sale Maffra Road Bundalaguah, 3851
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